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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I had a two and half hour lunch with Liz today.
We hadn't talk in a while. We were like two teenage
girls that hadn't seen each other in a week.
We got to yak about a lot of stuff. Bicycling was high
on the list, along with hiking and bear stories.
Her work and my lack of working. It was good to see her.
She drives one of them CharlieP cars, and get 32 mpg.
She just buys gas two weeks or so. We are planning a
Silver Comet Ride just as soon as we can get an open date.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

I not looking Yet.

But if later, I do like sis , and start looking at cars for less gas bill.
I think I will look a a VW bug. I had a 40 horse VW in 1963, that would get
40 mpg and that was when I drove with the hammer down.

You would think 45 years later they would be better. After all, we have better gas
now days.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I like this time of year. Pollen is almost gone and all the windows are open 24 hr per day. Spring cleaning is done. Air is fresh.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let me say up front, this is here for me to look back at say ten years down the road.
I'm sure I will say boy I sure I could go back till that time of my life.

Getting old sux.
Don't take me wrong, I am in a happy place. Being an old geezer has a lot good stuff that goes with it. Every now and then I do miss some of things that has got left behind. I'm thinking about things like good eye site, hearing, low blood presure, sex life, no doctor visiting, and that list could be quite long.

This week I had something happen that really got to me. I was doing some work at dads, and had to go get a sack of cement. It was a 80 pound bag. I couldn't lift it over the tailgate. I had to put it down, and lower the tailgate to load it. I am weaker than I thought, and that hit home.

I know why but, it just plain sux. I can't eat good fried food, or any good stuff with any animal fat, due to cholesterol you know. I can't eat candy, cake, or any
junk food food that makes you strong, due to sugar. I love pork, but it raises the blood pressure. I can't eat greens due to blood clots. No wonder I'm weak.

I still got caching, so I am set for a while. Now me and Henry are going to spend some time together this week.

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The price of gas isn't the only thing going up.
This is not posted for entertainment, but like my sis says, it is something for me to look back on later and say that was the good o' days.
Yesterday was yard work day at Ellijay. The gas for the trip, Lawn mower, weed eater, was $40. Plants and stuff was another $40. Lunch and drinks for the two of us was another $20. Hundred dollars and a very hard six hours of work. Remember when you could give someone twenty bucks and they would make your yard look good. Sure you do, it was not that long ago.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Cool Adventures
is a baddawg saying. That is what me a him has been having for the past few weeks. Today I found a big bottle cap for Slay, that was just the beginning. Going back a few weeks, we started looking for a place to hold the Sept GGA event. Me and BadDawg have the honor of hosting that event. We started at a place we had in mind for a while. We thought that we could get it in March for September. We both were shocked that it was already reserved. Then the hunt was on. No luck. Plus we had to take time for BadDawg to find a place for his May cook out, and me to set up the Wanna Go Event in May. Back to the hunt, I found a neat place near Acworth, but they had a 40 car limit
and any cars after that would be turned away. Naw that won't work. I went to Ellijay to check on the place on the river in river park, and it was already reserved. We were just not believing what we were hearing.

After a dozen places that we looked at the past weeks, brings us to the cool adventures today. We went to Fort Mountain State Park, looked at all the picnic shelters, and picked out one. When we checked on it, they said their shelters had a 25 person limit and if they found more than that on site, you would be ask to leave and forfeit the money.

That turned out to be a lucky thing for us. We found that they have a very nice group indoor all weather shelter, that has a kitchen,
bath rooms, adjoining grill under its own shelter, and list goes on. Very good and plenty of room.

We nailed it down. And found a cache, and had lunch. and said cool adventures.
See ya there in September.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

protime was 2.8, with a pat on the back. :)

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hey ya'll I made a list.
A list of stuff I have done to Henry the 50 Ford.
It is a quick list just so I can recall all the work I've done the past two years.
So for I have done it all by myself without any help. I will be farming out the tail pipe work, but other than that it will be all me.
You can see the list by clicking here

The parts and material cost an insane amount of money.
I don't count my labor as cost, but if i did and I just worked 15 hours a week the last two years and just counted it as a $30.00 per hour job, that too would be another insane amount!

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