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WHAT   this page is about  
It is about the life and times
of Johnnie Lacy. A lot of my
memories from the past, and not so past. Likes and dislikes, well I don't talk about dislikes much. Some hobbies old and new.

My wife Lois has a page or two about her hobbies here too.

See that we enjoyed life back in the fifties, as we still do
 I have lived in Acworth, Georgia for most of my Life.
It is a small town just below the foot hills of North Georgia. It not so country anymore. It is now part of northern Atlanta.
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Johnnie's mail box
Johnnie and bicycle

at Stovall covered bridge
in North Georgia


List of Pages

Some comments about the hobby of Geocaching as I see it, and a few other thoughts mixed in. This is a like a diary or journal.

Bringing Back the 50's
My First Home Page. It is about the times when I grew up, and has some of the Cars from then.

Appalachian Quilts
This is my wife Lois's page about her Hobby

My little 50 tudor
Bringing Back the 50's

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