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Sunday, May 29, 2005


I don't like the word rant anymore. I am going to call it blogging like JB does on him webpage. I try not to rant so I'm not going to.


First let me say that I like each and every member that I have met in person.
But there is all kinds of folks, and that is what makes the meetings fun.


There are the cache police. We need police in all walks of life. I even like them.
The way I look at it is the same as when I was a teen. We had police that tried
to stop teen drinking. We love to go out with friends a have a few beers, so we work around the cops, and out smarted them. I was able to have a lot of cop freinds
all the way my teen and working years. I just didn't tell them that was a high speed driver, and stuff like that.

Party poopers

There are those that don't like the other cacher that have fun doing caches that they don't like to do. Bless their Hearts. If one shows up in their area code they
give the hiders, and finder hell. They say it is a game the same as I do. But we
don't play the same way. But Like I said before I like them, they are good people.

Playing dirty

There are the fun seekers of the game. They know it is a game, and play it to its fullest. They set traps for the hunting cachers and you will make there day if you get caught. I have been it a time or two. I love them tho.

GOOD players

To me this game is like poker. Let me explain! In poker you have to know how to play. If you get good at it you not only play the cards, but you play the people.
The better you know them the more you will win. I try to be a good player

New Freinds

WE have been told that new members are not made to feel welcome. I try to speak to all new members at the meeting, but I not good with talking to people till I get to know them. We are improving with this, But and I mean big but. We have members like Herman and Bertha Better-than-you. They will run up to you and with a sh*t eating smile say how wonderful it is to see you. The when they get back to their clan, and kin, they will make snotty, presumpus remarks.

I Still like them too

All of these people are great people. Not one has ever made me not think the best of them.

good night

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

A good time had by all.
Our trip to cades cove was the best of both worlds for me. A good bicycle ride around the cove with some geocaching on the trip up there. I just found 4 caches, not the big numbers like some folks try to do on a trip like that. I was just taking brakes on the way. Mid afternoon I got to the camp ground and checked in a few minutes before Allen and Robert arrived. We had a good time camping over night. Went the Ranger Program about hiking in the Smokey back country. We then built a super campfire and set around it shooting the bull. Wed. morning had a early breakfast and was on the bicycles by seven o'clock. Man there were deer all over. They would walk up to your camp.Allen took alot of deer pictures. I am making a come back after my battle with my health problems
early this year. I am very happy with myself the way I rode this 11 mile mountain ride.

On the way home Wed. afternoon I seen a old guy setting under a tree whittling on a hiking stick, with a forsale sale sign for his sticks. I turn around a went back, and had a nice visit with him, and had to have one of his sticks. It was great talking with him.

I need more trips like this.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

I guess that I am really on that steering committee. I am nearing the end of my term
and dropped my first admin brick this morning. I deleted a post, and then when I got a smart ass remark about the deletion I closed the topic. We are blessed that this is very rare.

This has been a week of putting up with dumb ass geocachers. Somebody use a gps to steal my two best caches. I know it was not a just happen to find deal, because they got two the same day that were miles apart, and pretty well hid. I did not put anything in the logs, just is case they put a watch on them to get their jollies by reading about them getting gone. When I got an email telling me they were gone I ask that cacher not to log they were missing either. I waited a month and then went and replaced them. One of them got gone once before, and I replaced it in the same spot. Not this time.
I change the page, not the log, and made that a micro in the woods and bumped it to a four star. If they take the time, and pay to become a GC member, all they will get is a little no value micro, for all their effort.

The other one is in such a great place that I replaced the ammo box, but made it a four and a half star. They will have to become real good friends with the gps and learn how to use a compass, take a day or two off the find that five dollar bad box.

these caches are over three years old and I want them to live a few years more.
And by shit they will if I have hide them so good that the cacher will have to get me to show them where it is and then I will move it when they are done.

How was that for a rant?

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Your Geek Profile:

Internet Geekiness: Highest

Fashion Geekiness: High

Movie Geekiness: Moderate

Gamer Geekiness: Low

Geekiness in Love: Low

SciFi Geekiness: Low

Academic Geekiness: None

General Geekiness: None

Music Geekiness: None

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