The Moolah Cache.
some facts. and Notes

Moolah was been found. Logged by Prospector Slim. Looks to be real, as he did find Starhopping, He did log this one as well. He left no tracks, and I didn't see anything that had been disturbed. But after reading the logs, and checking the site, I will only say this here, I wonder if Prospector Slim is a man, or woman. I did seen signs that made me think that a woman had been very near the first stage of Moolah. Maybe time will tell.

There has been three others that has got Starhopping behind them. The two that has been searching and erik. I will not make any more changes or do any tweeting to moolah until after these three find and log it, or they say calf rope.

Changes to the cache page

I am adding a hint to the cache page today for the hard second stage.
This is due to some of the best hunters in the nation have put in
so many hours looking for it. The coords were way off, thus it made
me feel bad for them. I had tryed to correct this by putting a kinda decoy
but due to the nature of it in mid hunt for them this didn't help much.

Now the first stage will send you to a tree at the second stage that
has a rope hanging on it. the micro is 25 paces from that rope.
The direction is not given, but it is not on the east side of the
north south line thru the rope.

Plus there will be more moolah added to the main cache
in a few days. Hopefully by Thanksgiving weekend.

November 21, 2003
Some trivial facts about moolach.
I have told a few people that the second clue was camouflaged.
It is painted to blend in to the surrounding environment. The
container is not changed to look at something that its not.,
It is not a stick of wood or a man made stump,
or anything along them lines. It is a container
that I have seen use before. It is cylinder in shape 2 '' long, and smaller
around than a pill bottle.

As of today November 10, 2003 the first and second stage
of Moolah is in good shape. As hints go, I will be like Penny
at the GGA meeting when asked for a hint, she would say
It is There!!!

I thought about making it a little bit easier, but that would take
some of the glory away from the person that found it.
It will remain a hard one to find!!!

Today while I was at the second stage I did notice that the GPS was
jumping around some. It was hard to get a strong reading at the cache.
Now this being a small cache it would help if a person could find
the right place to look. So I did fix that little problem, without making
it any easier to find. I placed a decoy that any good cacher will find. That
decoy will stay put and not jump around, and will give a spot to work
from. It is 25 paces from the cache. I will not say what direction.

This information will go on the cache page around Christmas
At the time the decoy will be change to a moon rock like the first stage.

If you read this good Luck.

It is not in the near-by drain pipe

I bumped the Difficulty up a half point to a 4 1/2 due to the no finds.
Edited the page to make correct minor wording mistakes.